Ep. #2 – Youth on Adultism

Youth on Subjects of the World – Listen in on our panel of amazing young people as they discuss current world events and important issues. They will choose one broad topic for each show, and talk about the facts, as well as, of course, their own opinions.

The panel for our second episode includes Arthur Velwest, Martin Harvey-Olson, Liz Johnson, and Will Maguire. The topic that they have chosen to discuss is Adultism.

This is such a HUGE topic, our panelists have SO much to discuss.

“Adultism has been defined as ‘the power adults have over children’. More narrowly, ‘adultism is prejudice and accompanying systematic discrimination against young people’. On a more philosophical basis, the term has also been defined as ‘bias towards adults… and the social addiction to adults, including their ideas, activities, and attitudes.’” (Wikipedia)

The Youth will discuss this definition, share times in their lives when they have felt discriminated against due solely to their chronological age, and discuss solutions to rid the world of adultism, and other forms of discrimination and oppression.

“When we treat children as less important and inferior than adults, we train them to use domination and control over others. This becomes the foundation for oppression.” (Teresa Graham Brett, Parenting for Social Change)

The Youth for Episode 2:

Arthur Velwest
Arthur Velwest is a 20 year old unschooler who has spent much of his life pursuing self taught education. Currently in the childcare field, he would be happy to talk to anyone at any time about unschooling.

Will Maguire
Will Maguire is a 13 year old who is home educated, and currently resides in U.K. He has traveled to over 50 countries.

Liz Johnson
Hi, my name is Liz. I’m fifteen going on sixteen. I have been a working student for 5 years at a few different farms. Working at different farms has given me many wonderful experiences, and has enabled me to work with some incredible people. But it has also exposed me to the way that some adults will look down on me, and treat me like I’m less of a person. Whether it be because I’m a young teen, or because I do not go to school. It can be very frustrating when people overlook the fact that I am so hardworking, and so passionate about what I do.

Martin Harvey-Olson
Martin Harvey-Olson is an unschooled kid who is all about creative expression through music. He has been following his passions for years – cosplay, art, martial arts, gymnastics, but most of all music. He has taught himself to play multiple instruments, and is working on mastering multiple musical styles and genres, although his favorite is Rock/Alternative.



Anne Boie, Producer
Anne Boie is an entrepreneur and partner in work, family and play to her husband, David Leahy. She is a dedicated unschooling mother of the four Leahy children, ages 4- 16. Several years ago after the birth of their fourth child, they decided to pursue their dream of leaving rural Texas for a more exciting urban location. After researching several options with the help of their children, they chose Hackettstown, New Jersey, located between New York City and Philadelphia, and moved their warehouse of more than a million Lego bricks, two dogs, three cats, four children, one Nana (David’s mom) and all their belongings halfway across the country. Having previously been active in the Dallas-area unschooling community, Anne next set her sights on the surprising lack of unschooling gatherings in the New York/New Jersey area and decided to fill the need herself. With the help of David, their kids, and a few friends, she created the Life Without Instructions Conference as a means to meet like-minded families for shared learning, fun and community.
Anne was very excited to take on the role of co-producer of the For the Love of Learning show, as a means of exploring ideas about education from people all over the world, and to help create a better world by showing parents that there is another way, they don’t have to blindly follow the crowd when it comes to education and raising happy children.
She is even more excited to take on this new role as lead producer for Youth on Subjects of the World. This amazing group of young people will give you hope for the future of our world.

“Podcast sponsored by Peer Unschooling Network”

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