Ep. #5 – Youth on Organized Religion

The panel for our fifth episode includes Martin Harvey-Olson, Gavin Sharkey, Coltrane Stagg, Neil Karkhanis, Dustin Lampropulos, Delilah Rivera, Leandros Rivera, and Maxwell Irwin.

The topic that they have chosen to discuss is Organized Religion.

This is, as always, such a HUGE topic, and our panelists have SO much to discuss.

If you are able to watch live, feel free to ask questions, and our panel will do their best to answer.

The Youth for Episode 5:

Martin Harvey-Olson
Martin Harvey-Olson is an unschooled kid who is all about creative expression through music. He has been following his passions for years – cosplay, art, martial arts, gymnastics, but most of all music. He has taught himself to play multiple instruments, and is working on mastering multiple musical styles and genres, although his favorite is Rock/Alternative.


Gavin Sharkey
This is Gavin Sharkey. He is 15, lives in Brooklyn, and aspires to be a photographer. He has spent the past two years teaching himself photoshop and photography, and doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.

Coltrane Stagg
Coltrane Stagg is a 13 year old unschooler whose interests include video games, drawing, making music, coding and other geeky stuff. He’s gone all around the USA in an RV, where he and his family lived for an entire year.

Neil Karkhanis
Neil Karkhanis is 14 years old and attends South Jersey Sudbury School, a democratic free school where the students decide how to spend their time. He enjoys discussing politics, education, world events and nutritional science. He has been involved in community theater since the age of six. He spends a few months out of the year living in Tampa, FL and the rest in New Jersey. He’s very excited to have this platform to share views and ideas with others.

Dustin Lampropulos
Dustin is a 22-year-old self-appointed unschooler and musician. He believes nothing is more important than the unhampered pursuit of truth.

Delilah Rivera.
Delilah is 12 years old and lives with her unschooling family in New Jersey. She spends her days creating multimedia artwork, learning coding, piano and preparing herself for her dream of becoming a robotics engineer. She has an endless interest in creating things, problem solving, learning languages, and the psychology of body language and persuasion. Her family is filled with animals, but her cat James is the best.

Leandros Rivera
Leandros Rivera is 15 years old and he lives in New Jersey with his unschooling family. He has been happily homeschooled since first grade. His main interests lie in playing video games, reading, film making, philosophy, psychology, researching world religions, sketching and current events.

Maxwell Irwin
My name is Mazwell Irwin. I am a 17-year-old High School Junior from Nashua, NH. I am a Life-Ranked Boy Scout, an active member of the First Baptist Church of Nashua, and an active member of the Science and Art National Honor Societies.


Anne Boie, Producer
Anne Boie is an entrepreneur and partner in work, family and play to her husband, David Leahy. She is a dedicated unschooling mother of the four Leahy children, ages 4- 16. The Leahy family has lived in Suburban Dallas, Rural Grayson County, Texas, and several years ago after the birth of their fourth child, they decided to pursue their dream of a more exciting urban location, as close to New York City as they could manage financially. After researching several options with the help of their children, they chose Hackettstown, New Jersey, located between New York City and Philadelphia, and moved their warehouse of more than a million Lego bricks, two dogs, three cats, four children, one Nana (David’s mom) and all their belongings halfway across the country. They have been happily living there for almost 3 years now, and are always eager to meet and talk to both experienced and new unschoolers.
Anne was very excited to take on the role of co-producer of the For the Love of Learning show, as a means of exploring ideas about education from people all over the world, and to help create a better world by showing parents that there is another way, they don’t have to blindly follow the crowd when it comes to education and raising happy children.
She is even more excited to take on this new role as lead producer for Youth on Subjects of the World. This amazing group of young people will give you hope for the future of our world.

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