Ep. #11 – Youth on LGBTQ+ Today

The panel for our eleventh episode includes Addy Sharkey, Gavin Sharkey, Kaeden Prestay, Lachlan Sabourin, and Tilian Prestay.

The topic that they have chosen to discuss is LGBTQ+ Today.

If you are able to tune in LIVE, the Youth can also answer your questions LIVE.

Addy Sharkey
Hi, I’m Addy. I’m 13, I am unschooled and I live in Brooklyn.


Gavin Sharkey
This is Gavin Sharkey. He is 15, lives in Brooklyn, and aspires to be a photographer. He has spent the past two years teaching himself photoshop and photography, and doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.

Kaeden Prestay
Kaeden Prestay is a 15 year old, always unschooled teen from Canada.  Their interests include voice, guitar, art, horseback riding, cosplay, qigong, reiki and writing.  Did we mention books?!  Kaeden is passionate about equal rights for everyone, regardless of their age, learning style or gender identity.  Kaeden identifies as gender fluid, preferring they/them pronouns and is very open about discussing this and other LGBTQ issues.

Lachlan Sabourin
I am a 14 year old World Schooler. I’m an artist and an actor. I’m a transgender boy and have been happily out for a while now. I have a few siblings and they are my inspiration and my daily challenge. And I enjoy long walks on the beach…

Tilian Prestay
(Picture and bio coming soon…)



Anne Boie, Producer

Anne Boie is an entrepreneur and partner in work, family and play to her husband, David Leahy. She is a dedicated unschooling mother of the four Leahy children, ages 4- 16. The Leahy family has lived in Suburban Dallas, Rural Grayson County, Texas, and several years ago after the birth of their fourth child, they decided to pursue their dream of a more exciting urban location, as close to New York City as they could manage financially. After researching several options with the help of their children, they chose Hackettstown, New Jersey, located between New York City and Philadelphia, and moved their warehouse of more than a million Lego bricks, two dogs, three cats, four children, one Nana (David’s mom) and all their belongings halfway across the country. They have been happily living there for almost 3 years now, and are always eager to meet and talk to both experienced and new unschoolers.
Anne was very excited to take on the role of co-producer of the For the Love of Learning show, as a means of exploring ideas about education from people all over the world, and to help create a better world by showing parents that there is another way, they don’t have to blindly follow the crowd when it comes to education and raising happy children.
She is even more excited to take on this new role as lead producer for Youth on Subjects of the World. This amazing group of young people will give you hope for the future of our world.

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