Ep. #21 – Youth on Fandom Culture

The panel for this week’s episode includes: Arthur, Cate, Danielle, Faith, Gavin, Lillie, Matt, Tilian, and Willow.

If you are able to tune in LIVE, the Youth can also answer and/or discuss your questions LIVE. The topic that they have chosen to discuss is Fandom Culture.

The Youth for Episode #21


Arthur Velwest is a 20 year old unschooler who has spent much of his life pursuing self taught education. Currently in the childcare field, he would be happy to talk to anyone at any time about unschooling.


Cate Hamilton is a 17-year-old homeschooler who has been at it since the second-grade due to issues with ADD and dyslexia, making mundane school a close equivalent of rubbing her grey matter over a lemon zester. Homeschooling allowed her budding brain to expand as she explored the world around her and watched one too many David Attenborough documentaries. Now she has far too many interests, which include but are not limited to; writing, reading, baking, costuming and cosplay, drawing manga, painting, fencing, gaming, tree-hugging, playing guitar badly, singing in the shower, and overdressing for every possible occasion. Her main goal in life is to get a PHD in Bioarchaeology so she can fangirl over bones without being creepy, and she can demand her family refer to her as Dr. Hamilton over the holidays. Her achievements include two vocal Certificates of Merit and a Ladyship with the SCA. Cate’s girlish disposition is constantly undermined by her disgustingly morbid sense of humor and obsession with sharp objects. She currently lives in the North Bay Area of California, where she is working on an associate’s degree in Anthropology, and a fantasy novel which will likely, be her demise.


Danielle Carver is a 17-year-old unschooler who lives in the North Bay Area of California. She and her family originally hail from Tampa Bay, FL, but we try not to talk about that. Dani is a talented visual artist and freethinker. Her main passion could be described as an “otaku level” obsession with Japanese Animation and Manga. Her dream is to one-day work as a Mangaka in Japan. Her other hobbies include all things Fanime, Manga, Japanese Language and Culture, Travel, Singing, Cosplay, Fan-Fiction Reading/Writing, Costuming, Illustration, Photography, eating great food, keeping her best friend Cate away from sharp objects, and advocacy for LGBTQ rights. Those who know her admire her feisty independent personality. It has been said that she has “the eye-roll of a goddess, and a death glare that scares rocks”.


Faith Eternity Kateri is a 13 y.o. unschooler who grew up between Philadelphia & New York City. She loves traveling to unschooling conferences around the country since she began 6 yrs ago. She’s done Girl Scouting for 9 yrs., enjoys helping in the community, volunteering for organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Historic Glenn Foerd Estate on the Delaware River, holding theater programs, local music festivities, and art history programs. She is a flowarts enthusiast, also pursues surfing, drawing graphic novels in anime/manga style, actively working with The March Against Rape Culture year after year to spread the word on how young girls are treated growing up, and most especially participating with her cosplay group, doing photo appearances at various horror & sci-fi conventions in the PA/NJ/NY area.

Gavin Sharkey

This is Gavin Sharkey. He is 15, lives in Brooklyn, and aspires to be a photographer. He has spent the past two years teaching himself photoshop and photography, and doesn’t intend to stop any time soon.


I am Lillie and I volunteer at my local ASPA. I am a part of the LGBTQ pride community. I aspire to be a girl scout. I go to Conventions all the time and i am a part of a fandom currently. I am 11 years old.


Matthew Carver is a 16-year old unschooler. He was born in Tampa Bay, FL, but he has spent a majority of his life in North Bay, California, where he provides constant comic relief and tech support for his parents and 3 siblings. When Matt isn’t making people laugh, he can be found enjoying his many interests: PC gaming, computer building, photography and editing, screen-writing, filming various YouTube projects, reading, biking, playing D&D, drawing/graphic arts, parkour, driving, and hanging out on rooftops with his friends. Matthew has a big heart, and it’s not uncommon to see him babysitting for family and friends, and/or volunteering his time to garden and prepare nourishing meals via the Cere’s Community Food Project.


(Picture and Bio Coming Soon…)


I’m a 13 year old unschooler that lives in OH, my interests are Photography, musicals, anime, painting, sewing, traveling, and cosplaying. I aspire to be a Photographer




Producers for Youth on Subjects of the World are Anne Boie, Jim Flannery, Martin Harvey-Olson, and Tanya Sharkey.

Anne Boie

Anne Boie is an entrepreneur and partner in work, family and play to her husband, David Leahy. She is a dedicated unschooling mother of the four Leahy children, ages 4- 16. The Leahy family has lived in Suburban Dallas, Rural Grayson County, Texas, and several years ago after the birth of their fourth child, they decided to pursue their dream of a more exciting urban location, as close to New York City as they could manage financially. After researching several options with the help of their children, they chose Hackettstown, New Jersey, located between New York City and Philadelphia, and moved their warehouse of more than a million Lego bricks, two dogs, three cats, four children, one Nana (David’s mom) and all their belongings halfway across the country. They have been happily living there for 3 years now, and are always eager to meet and talk to both experienced and new unschoolers.
Anne was very excited to take on the role of co-producer of the For the Love of Learning show, as a means of exploring ideas about education from people all over the world, and to help create a better world by showing parents that there is another way, they don’t have to blindly follow the crowd when it comes to education and raising happy children.
She is even more excited to take on this new role as lead producer for Youth on Subjects of the World. This amazing group of young people will give you hope for the future of our world.

Jim Flannery

At first glance, Jim’s career may seemed scattered across different fields and topics. However, an emerging theme he’s noticed in his work is to empower people who are powerless. This may sound cliche, so let’s try to be more specific: Jim wants to unlock doors and liberate people who are trapped inside. More specific? He wants to help students trapped in school, elderly people trapped in nursing homes, psychiatric patients trapped in institutions, and inmates trapped in prisons.
To achieve these lofty goals, Jim brings many different skills to the table. For example, he is an experienced startup entrepreneur, trained biomedical engineer, strong public speaker, self-taught web developer, self-satisfying comedian, eccentric physics teacher, and mediocre painter. To keep himself sane, he likes reading, rock climbing, skateboarding, and traveling.
While he doesn’t mind fighting alone, success requires a team.
Let’s talk about coordinating our efforts to create a better world.
Visit my playgound on the internet.

Martin Harvey-Olson

Martin helped create Youth on Subjects of the World, along with Neil Karkhanis, Marley Richards, and Anne Boie. He is now a big part of our team of producers.

Tanya Sharkey

An unschooling mom, I’m colorful, passionate, and eternally seeking truth. Queen of TMI:-) Say it like it is, wear it on my sleeve, can’t be fake, the word is always on the tip of my tongue and I can’t figure it out. Like to always have a destination on the calendar. A proud cat-lady, love the universe, fresh air, the wind blowing my hair, authenticity. An information junkie, and always on a quest to reduce our family’s carbon footprint to the best of our ability:-).

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